Michael Clayton

Screenwriter Tony Gilroy delivers a finely tuned directorial debut with this dramatic thriller about burned-out corporate lawyer Michael Clayton (George Clooney), a man who’s built his career on cleaning up other people’s messes. When a guilt-ridden colleague (Tom Wilkinson) threatens the settlement of a multimillion-dollar case, Clayton faces his biggest challenge yet. Tilda Swinton nabbed an Oscar for her turn as a conflicted general counsel.

I thought watching most of this I was going to write a nasty review. There are way too many comparisons with other movies like Network, The Firm that I thought I wasn’t going to like it but the end really played out well. I felt something and I liked how Michael Clayton relied on his family when the chips were really down. This alone has gotten me in an emotional state. To quote Linda Richman from an SNL sketch, “I’m feeling verklempt, talk amongst yourselves.”

I am going to say skip the first 85 minutes of this. It is a two hour movie and the last 35 minutes were the only ones worth watching. I was thoroughly entertained at the end. I am giving this one 3.2 stars.

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