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Linda Lovelace for President

Personal politics aside, legendary adult film star Linda Lovelace (as herself) is a candidate the entire country can support for the newly formed Upright Party in this hybrid of sex romp satire and documentary farce. Tracking a fictional cross-country campaign that will leave you in stitches, this commentary on apathetic American voters features fantastic celebrity cameos, including Micky Dolenz, Scatman Crothers and more.

I knew going in that this movie was going to be bad and cheesy. I thought the absurdity of it would make me laugh. I was wrong. This movie had lots of Polish, Asian, Italian, Black and Gay jokes but none of them were funny. There was also lots of “coming” and “going down” references but none of them worked. Spare yourself the 95 minutes and avoid this one.

I almost wasn’t going to write a review of this one out of embarrassment but when I logged into my Netflix Account I saw the only 6 reviews were people who liked it. I have to warn people not to waste their time.

I am not posting a trailer for this one as well as including a Netflix link to it. It was that bad. I am given this one zero stars (Can I use a negative number?).

The only thing I liked about this was seeing an old rotary phone, a Soylent Green reference and being reminded of a George Harrison video with the over the top zany characters. Since I like videos, I am sharing that George Harrison video below.

All the best,

Alan Zibluk
The Internet Guy