The Informers (2008)

Set in the decadent 1980s in Los Angeles, a Hollywood executive (Billy Bob Thornton) plays his ex-wife (Kim Basinger) and his mistress (Winona Ryder) while his son, Graham (Jon Foster), finds himself among a group of brats, including Christie (Amber Heard), who are all caught up in the thick of drugs and sex. Mickey Rourke and Brad Renfro also star in director Gregor Jordan’s intricately plotted film based on Bret Easton Ellis’s book.

I have a fondness for the 80s and Kim Basinger so I had to see this movie despite the fact I could not find anyone saying anything positive about it. Even Netflix questioned my decision to get this one. There are lots of gratuitous nudity and drug use in this and definitely not for a prudish person. I am giving it one star. This is not a good movie however I did enjoy not like it and laughing at the dialogue.

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