US State of Montana to Fund Local Bitcoin Miner With $416,000 Grant

US State of Montana to Fund Local Bitcoin Miner With $416,000 Grant


While Bitcoin’s future may still be uncertain in the United States

as various states aim to regulate the industry, the first state government to take a big leap into Bitcoin is the state of Montana. As part of its efforts to boost local employment, the state has recently allocated public funds to help with a local Bitcoin mining firm project, according to the press release from the Office of Montana Governor, Steve Bullock.

Boosting local jobs

The state has allocated a $1,124,030 mln local job aid package, $416,000 of which was awarded to Missoula County of BSTF Job Creation funds that are backing up a Bitcoin mining firm named Project Spokane, LLC to assist with its expansion plans. This will allow it to create 65 new jobs in the Bonner area. The said BSTF fund will be used to purchase operations equipment, machinery, software as well as wage reimbursement to continue its efforts to expand its operations into Blockchain security services for the Bitcoin network.

Will other states soon follow suit?

Bitcoin is perceived as a long-term opportunity for job seekers and Montana is one of the first states that supported the potential of it. Whether other states eventually follow suit is still a question.

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