The Bank Job

Based on actual events in 1971, this thriller tells the story of a car dealer (Jason Statham) who becomes involved in a London bank heist, only to find that the contents of the bank vault will draw him deeply and irrevocably into the city’s criminal underbelly. Murder and scandal abound in this tale of corruption populated with a surprising mix of offenders, from low-level thugs to government officials — all the way up to the royal family.

I believe after seeing this Jason Statham could be this era’s Steve McQueen. He doesn’t have to say anything and yet he is cool. I have talked to my critic friends about this and I am not the only one who feels this way. This is not your usual action Transporter type of movie. It is based on actual events. You will not see the actor do any fancy kicks or punches but you do get to see him slap a really bad guy around. It was satisfying to watch.

I found this to be a good suspenseful crime drama movie. You do see different characters and storylines but in the end you do see them all connected. I would like to see Jason Statham do more movies like this. I believe the action ones are the ones that pay the bills.

I am giving this one 3.4 stars. It is not the best bank heist movie I have ever seen but good enough to recommend.

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