Blake Edwards S.O.B.

In director Blake Edwards’s satire of the Hollywood film industry, squeaky-clean superstar Sally Miles (Julie Andrews) is the key to a fading director’s (Richard Mulligan) sudden plan to flip his flop into a smash: He wants Sally to appear topless in a reshot version of his film. This wickedly funny, ingeniously subversive comedy also stars Larry Hagman, William Holden, Robert Preston, Robert Vaughn, Loretta Swit and Rosanna Arquette.

This movie is famous for showing Julie Andrews topless. I had to admit it was weird for me to see. It is after all Mary Poppins.

This was actor William Holden’s last movie. It is ironic how his character talks about consuming way too much alcohol in his life. The actor died hitting his head after a serious binge drinking shortly after. I hope you are reading this Charlie Sheen.

This satire is based loosely on events in Blake Edward’s life and also Hollywood. John Barrymore’s (Drew Barrymore’s grandfather) corpse was actually borrowed. I am reminded of the phrase “life is stranger than fiction.” There is sex and drug use in this movie. This movie is definitely not for everyone.

I think the underlying message here is how little Hollywood cares for one another. You are only as good as your last film. If you are a success everyone wants to be your friend but the minute you fail no one wants any part of you. It is a sad comment. I think for this reason alone I am rating this one 2.8 stars. It could be my mood. People more familiar with the Hollywood scene have rated this higher.

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