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Question: How does Google find and rank your website?

searching pages on the internetQuestion: How does Google find and rank your website?

Answer: A crawler follows links on the web, when it finds new or revised links in anyone’s web site it will put the link into an index. The Google algorithm investigates this index and decides which links in the index match best with any given search query.

The web crawler is a piece of software, complicated in structure and best considered as an “information gatherer” often called a spider. This spider software searches a website following every string, otherwise called links. When the crawler finds new or revised strings ( or links), it saves this information in its memory (the index).

The index is best considered as a massive database in which every spider (crawler) saves its information. When a user wants to find a link in this massive database (index), the user gets help from an algorithm that decides which link in the index best fits the given search query. This is called ranking.

How does Google rankings affect MarketHive?

The internet has provided alternative methods for locating, purchasing and researching products, brands and services.

An Internet Search Engine is the number one way of finding your website. This method accounts for over 70% of all the traffic your web site receives and tools in the Market Hive Software Suite will assist you in the possibility of a person's search landing on your website real estate.

Consumers and end users no longer much rely upon billboards, TV or radio spots (outbound marketing) to discover new products, as they are now empowered, equipped and connected with the web all the time and everywhere given the portability of Smartphone's, Tablets, laptops.

One of the best ways is to build up traffic is to build link popularity and link reputation. Make as many keyword relevant links as you can using the Market Hive Blogging System and constructing press releases alerting people about your products and services.

So take Action Right Now! Go See What All The Fuss Is About… If you have not taken a close look at Market Hive now is the time. Don’t miss out on a great suite of lead generation tools and a great suite of integrated support applications.

Brief summary of the Market Hive Marketing System.

No matter how you plan to market your business on the Internet, here are a couple of essential Market Hive tools you need to know about.

A landing or capture page on which you can place video and or text to explain about your product and capture a potential customers contact details, so that you can communicate with them further.

An Autoresponder which you can use to send out a series of email designed to build a relationship with your customers and answer questions they may have about you product in order that they can make a decision to purchase or provide guidance on how to get the best out of using the product.

A blog which can be used to share your knowledge of the niche market that your business is positioned in. This is your showcase if you like and is used more to write about subjects which your product resolves rather than a sales page.

Article by:

Brian Walters — Board of Directors and Alpha Founder.

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Brian Walters Market Hive

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