Messaging On Blockchain Coming To Markethive

Messaging On Blockchain
Coming To Markethive 

Messaging doesn’t just refer to messaging apps. Digital communication accommodates endless formats and necessitates complex support systems to be able to maintain security and service durability and continuity. It is difficult to achieve across the board because of a lack of standard security. With Blockchain Technology now coming to the fore some new companies are integrating the blockchain to build a better communication infrastructure. This will create a secure ecosystem for messaging services.

What Is Blockchain In Simple Terms?

The blockchain is a decentralized ledger of transactions recorded using cryptography. The entries or blocks are then distributed across many computers running on nodes in a P2P environment making it impossible to alter the information later.

Blockchain was designed to be used mainly in the financial sector of digital cryptocurrency. It has since then evolved to record anything of value, create self-executing smart contracts, and build decentralized apps (DApps) like chat messengers.

Why not use Discord, Messenger or WhatsApp? Because these apps are still centralized and owned by a single entity who may choose to do what they deem fit. This creates trust issues. Decentralization is the road ahead.

The Benefits Of Blockchain

Blockchain offers many advantages over traditional systems. First is immutability. Once something gets recorded, it is almost impossible to change it because a decentralized database of computers and blocks are involved.

Because information blocks are shared and stored across a network of nodes run by people, no single person or entity has complete control over it. This reduces the risk of one person or entity manipulating the records without others knowing about it.

It also eliminates the risk of a single point of failure. If all your data is stored in a single system and the system fails, you lose everything. A distributed ledger eliminates this risk. Each encrypted entry is visible for everyone to assess, bringing transparency and accountability to the system.

Finally, the new generation chat apps are also integrating cryptocurrency wallets into their offering. This allows users to send and receive money, just like messages, only freely or with minimal transaction and processing fees.

A new era of Blockchain-based chat messenger apps that offer features like security, privacy, and P2P currency is here.

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Markethive Messaging App

Messaging is an integral part of the Markethive interface. Both integrated via your Wallet App and also part of the dashboard both reflecting on each other. Several features set the Markethive messaging apart.  There are Directories, that being the ability to create directories for organizing chats according to your agendas, ideas, groups, news, etc. It also gives you the ability to pin group discussions in accordance with priority. All app messaging is encrypted and runs on the blockchain assuring total privacy and security.


Markethive Chat Box 

The Chat Box is a variety version of Twitter however, it allows viewing of the entire social sphere with many filters to only view specific members, or groups, countries, terms, keywords or time periods, built to give each member a cultural pulse of the entire system as an option, also developed to act as a mentor thread as only Entrepreneur upgrades can post. All can view and comment. 

Nicknamed the Trollbox, it is essentially a real-time “Markethive” educational/informational consensus network by which “Trolls” (Entrepreneurs) can be both the teacher, journalist, pundit and student all at once, while interacting with others, including free members, in real-time by chat and/or posts. 

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Markethive’s Focus 

We are focused on providing a Universal type of income for aspiring entrepreneurs. We believe sharing our resources with you as you build your business and seek to reach your goals, benefits all of us. 

We welcome all to our collaborative world of the Entrepreneur, the Markethive, built for you, by you and with you.


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Deb Williams
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