Bitcoin Stagnates Still Up 10 This Week

Bitcoin Stagnates, Still Up 10% This Week

Bitcoin, still very much in the middle of a bull run, has slowed down over the past couple days.

In brief

  • Bitcoin has had a slow couple of days.
  • But it’s still up for the week and the year.
  • Some altcoins are slowing down, too.

The price of Bitcoin continues to rise, though the gains have been coming less regularly over the past few days.

It’s up just 0.57% today, after falling by almost 4% yesterday. Its current price is 19,119. 

Bitcoin’s recent stagnation is a blip in the scheme of things—Bitcoin has risen nearly 10% this week, and the price is still holding fast over $19,000. 

At the start of the week, Bitcoin hit $19,846, breaking its previous all-time highof $19,738.

Other cryptocurrencies have trailed Bitcoin in its stagancy. The second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ethereum, is up just over 1% today to $593, but still had a 12% gain this week. XRP, which recently surpassed Tether as the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is down around 1.6% today, and down over 4% for the week; it’s now sitting at $0.58.

The stagnation is reflective of a larger pattern in the crypto market; the overall market cap has increased by just 0.78% today, to $565 billion.