Who Killed the Electric Car?

Amid a volatile climate of ever-changing gas prices, this documentary delves into the short life of the GM EV1 electric car — a fuel-efficient auto that was once all the rage in the mid-1990s and now has fallen by the roadside. How could such a green-friendly vehicle fail to transform lives? Through interviews with government officials, former GM employees and concerned celebs, filmmaker Chris Paine seeks to find out.

Let me start by saying I like ideas. Ideas mean options and alternatives. I do not know if the idea of the electronic vehicle would have caught on or not but it seems a shame it was not given a chance. Celebrities like Ed Begley, Jr. and Peter Horton were only allowed to lease the cars and then to their dismay their cars were taken away and destroyed. They wanted to buy and keep them. I admit I do not like Peter Horton (he was married to Michelle Pfeiffer and I was not) but still feel he should have been able to test the car out longer. I am giving this one 3.7 stars. This was a good documentary.

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