What is happening due to the collision of the artificial intelligence and the social media marketing?

What is happening due to the collision of the artificial intelligence and the social media marketing?

The artificial intelligence has a long way to go; however, it’s thriving in a very quick pace. The entrance of the artificial intelligence has already revolutionized the social media marketing. Here are the ways how the artificial intelligence is changing the social media marketing.


How the Artificial Intelligence is changing the Social Media Marketing.

Slack Bots

There are some brands that need to publish huge volumes of posts every day. These brands also employ plenty of influencers by doing some social media outreach to promote their products. They find it difficult to decide which posts to highlight and which posts are likely to perform well among their audiences. Because it’s a tedious task to analyze huge volumes of contents, it’s more about guesswork.

The slack bots have been developed to avoid the guesswork. The bots have the ability to predict the chances of success of various contents and they can suggest the pieces of contents which have the highest possibility of doing well. Furthermore, these bots can also find the similar content on the social media and show you the performance of the content.

Facial recognition

The Facebook, which is the most popular social media platform in the world today, is focusing a lot on the development of the artificial intelligence these days. They have recently developed the facial recognition feature, and this feature is not only the tool to enhance the tagging function of the Facebook.

This feature can be used in various ways by the brands for developing their social media marketing strategies to further increase the reach and success of their social media marketing campaign. For an instance, the hotels, restaurants, clothing stores, and others can provide the coupons to their followers who post their picture in their place. With the images publishing getting more popular these days, this feature can help the brands to stand out with their posts.


There are many creative social media marketers who are awesome at creating awesome contents. However, it’s not an easy task for the marketers to release the content, building schedules, maintaining content, and analyzing content. This is another reason why the artificial intelligence is so crucial for the social media marketers. The artificial intelligence can release all the pressure of analyzing and managing the content for the marketers.

Not only the use of AI will take off the pressure from the marketers, but it will also help them to grow as a successful marketer. The machine learning and other AI tools can analyze competitor’s performance, your historical content and performance, and much more to help you learn. These tools also provide you with the idea of what consumers want to see or want, which will help to make your every campaign an effective campaign. This can also help to publish the better sponsored blog posts to reach more people with the content people want to see.

Customer service

According to the study, the majority of the customers want to interact with the businesses via message nowadays. It’s because it’s very easy to communicate with the brands via a message in comparison to the telephone. Furthermore, the customers also want businesses to respond them as quickly as possible. It’s not possible to respond to a lot of customer’s queries quickly, and this is where the artificial intelligence is playing the role.

The social media marketers have the responsibility to engage with the customers after they are successful in getting plenty of queries regarding their posts. The artificial intelligence can help them to prioritize the queries of the customers, help them to find out whether the messages are from trolls or real users, and much more. All these tools can help the social media marketers to serve their customers in a better way; thus, increasing the chance of conversion.

A high volume of better data

The social media marketers need to listen to their followers to plan their next posts and also to make an overall strategy. The only way to find out what the customers want, the marketer needs to collect, interpret, and understand the data. However, the problem is that the massive amount of data is uploaded and downloaded each day, making it impossible for the human beings to correctly interpret the information.

The various AI tools help them to collect the valuable insights from the data collected through various social media platforms to get incredible insights on the customer taste and preferences. In the near future, the brands may also be able to find out who among their followers are wearing their brand’s T-shirt and using their products with the analysis of images and videos. It will help marketers create more personalized marketing campaigns.


By now, you must’ve known how the artificial intelligence is changing the whole picture of the social media marketing. You must have also realized that the traditional social media marketing strategies need to be updated in order to get the success of your social media marketing campaign. If you don’t combine the artificial intelligence in your social media marketing strategy, then you’re likely to fail to get any return from your campaign because the competitor will be using AI to gain competitive advantage.

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