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Viva Zapata in New Haven, CT Restaurant Review

My second review is Viva Zapata in New Haven, CT. Their address is 161 Park Street; New Haven, CT 06511. It is listed as a Mexican Restaurant. Below is their picture outside.

Besides giving a review, I want to give my readers a chance to learn more. It is always good to have more than one opinion when you want to dine out.

Facebook Viva Zapata Fan Page
Yelp Reviews
Trip Advisor Reviews

As you read different reviews you will see the words “dive bar.” I looked up the definition and found the following at… “A dive bar is a type of bar or pub. Dive bars generally have a relaxed and informal atmosphere. They are often referred to by local residents as “neighborhood bars,” where people in the neighborhood gather to drink and socialize. Individual bars may be considered to be disreputable, sinister, or even a detriment to the community.”

This is not a place to get dressed up for. This is not a place to impress someone. It is not at all pretentious. If I was ever going to walk in a restaurant with sweatpants on this would be it. It is a very relaxed atmosphere.

Tammy, the bartender/waitress is very hospitable. It was a great afternoon as I found out she went to the same College that I went to, Southern Connecticut State University. It also happened to be the same college four of the customers went to so we had a great time talking about old bars, dorms and off campus parties.

Below is a picture of the chips and salsa that was brought to me. I have had it before and to be honest it was lacking with what I have had in the past. Maybe they were having a bad day but I still finished more of the chips.

Below is a picture of the Chicken Burrito I had. It was good and Tammy was kind enough to supply me with different hot sauces to put on the rice. I liked the Chipotle Sauce.

I had a Dos Equis with my burrito. Total bill was $10.83. I will be back.

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