The Markethive Coin MHV which is an actual Consumer Coin

The Markethive Coin (MHV) which is an actual Consumer Coin

 Markethive Coin (MHV) is an ERC20 token and the company Markethive has made good use of the Smart Contract.  This is in the form of the Markethive Coin (MHV) which is an actual Consumer Coin, not a token, and the Incentivized Loan Program (ILP — Smart Contract). Markethive being the first Social, Market, and Digital Media Network built on Blockchain Technology is attracting and gaining high-level exposure due to the nature and fabric of what Markethive stands for and delivers.
Markethive is a completely autonomous ecosystem consisting of three components. Community, Technology, and Liquidity. Markethive has all three groups to bring this collaborative decentralized platform to life as a viable and lucrative platform where not only can they share in the success of the company, but also where its Entrepreneurial members can make a difference, not only in their lives but in the world. 



The cryptocurrencies with a true purpose will make their mark in crypto industry history. The ones that are a medium of exchange with the transactional capability that is utilized within and outside the ecosystem which in turn creates a store of value.  Given the nature, utility, and consumer value of Markethive will ensure a healthy combination of transactional, and holding activity. 

Markethive has in place, numerous velocity stabilizers including staking, (The Vault), network utility expansion, and the fact it is a cryptocurrency consumer coin, will keep the balance of velocity. This ensures that the velocity is maintained for the initial and long term price of MHV and is indicative of a healthy ecosystem. A strong economy will in turn sustainably increase MHV’s price.
Coins or Tokens that are structured to capture a significant portion of the economic value generated by the network will reward both the investors who took on early-stage risk as well as the platform who can continue to fund development through the retention of now valuable tokens. 

There is a huge market looking for what Markethive does. You’re not just buying or earning on the platform to accumulate a coin, your using and transacting with it. Markethive is an eternal economy that has more demand than supply, therefore, the demand will continue to outstrip the supply. The bottom line being the Markethive Consumer Coin (MHV) and Incentivized Loan Program or ILP Token (HFS) will only become increasingly more valuable. 

Bitcoin and other respected altcoins will play a big part when it comes to liquidity and the ability to transfer and exchange to whatever currency you desire. So, in fact, they can work in synergy with each other, all with a similar but different purpose.


Markethive is going to the moon, are you coming?

Markethive is becoming more than just an inbound marketing platform empowering entrepreneurs to be outstanding and trendsetters in what they do.

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