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Why You Should Be Blogging

I have been with Global Domains International (GDI) since 2004. The article below is from their affiliate blog.

Why You Should Be Blogging

Do you have a blog on your GDI domain? You should, here’s our reasons why.

Anyone Out There?

We often post that updating content regularly is an important way to show your traffic and prospects that there is a real person behind your site. While this can be accomplished with a website, a blog is an easy, cost effective way to do this. With our SiteBuilder Blog plugin or our WordPress plugin you can post quick updates, news and advice weekly, daily, even hourly to show your visitors you’re behind your page, you’re active and you have great info to share.

Be a Leader

Having a blog gives you a chance to be a thought leader. Your blog allows you to update quickly and frequently with advice, information on new marketing techniques and trends. This constant flow of great information will help to build your online reputation and establish you as a thought leader.

Simple Training

Blog posts are an easy way to share training with your team. You can share video, audio and of course text and images through your blog. Direct team members and potential team members to your blog where they can access your training materials in a simple, easy to navigate way.

Challenge Yourself

Having a blog challenges you to update regularly or risk your website looking like it has been abandoned. But this is a good thing. This will challenge you to learn new techniques to share tips, new videos and news. Take the time to learn and share it on your blog and both you and your team will benefit.

A Reminder

Your blog serves as a reminder for you to focus on GDI. Set a reminder to post at least a set number of times on your blog per month and you will at least be focusing that amount of time on GDI and building your business. To have something worthwhile to share, you must be doing something worthwhile with GDI. It’s a great cycle to be part of.

If you would like to learn more about GDI, click on “Finally A Global Internet Business For The LITTLE PERSON!” under sponsors.

I use GDI to host three different websites…. (under construction) (using wordpress)

All the best,

Alan Zibluk