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50 / 50

An otherwise healthy twentysomething has a comically early midlife crisis when he gets slapped with a cancer diagnosis — and a 50-50 chance of survival. But what’s the meaning of life when you’re not sure how long yours will last?

This movie had the right balance of comedy and drama. They had pot jokes, which is a must for a Seth Rogen movie. Seth Rogen is only a supporting actor here. This film is all Joseph Gordon-Levitt and he does a terrific job with both the comedy and drama. His character is very likeable. I also want to give kudos to Anjelica Huston for playing the overbearing, protective mother.

There were some powerful scenes where Joseph Gordon-Levitt realizes he is not the only one suffering. The scene that got me and forced me to get a Kleenex was just before he went under the knife he was with his mother and he cried “mommy.”

This is based on a true story so the reactions of the different characters were very believable. This movie is really 3.3 stars but for the emotional wallop it gave me I am giving it 3.8 stars. I do recommend having a box of Kleenex nearby.

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