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Anna Liffey’s in New Haven, CT Restaurant Review

I have two favorite places in downtown New Haven for dining. One is the recent blog post review Zinc, the other is Anna Liffey’s. Both places have very different clientele. I would never go into Zinc wearing a T-shirt with sneakers on. It just would not be right for the atmosphere. I would do this for Anna Liffey’s. In fact I am uncomfortable in Anna Liffey’s wearing a tie.

When you open the door you will see a stairwell. I usually eat downstairs. Below is what you see when you open the door.

Besides giving a review, I want to give my readers a chance to learn more. It is always good to have more than one opinion when you want to dine out.

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I had the Portabella Mushroom on Ciabatta Bread. It is listed on the menu as “Grilled Portabella Mushroom with Roasted Red Peppers and Goat Cheese on Ciabetta Bread served with Irish Fries.” The picutre of my meal is below.

I mentioned in a previous blog post how I am on a quest to find the best hamburger in the New Haven Connecticut area. I have yet to try the hamburger here as I love this sandwich that much. I discovered it during lent. I have tried similar plates at other restaurants and no one comes close to comparing. The French Fries here are my absolute favorite. I do tell people that Anna Liffey’s has the best French Fries. If I child again I would just get a plate of it.

In 2011 my friend Cat was visiting from Ireland. She loves this place. Anyway I was meeting her for dinner one Tuesday night and while waiting for her I met a nice couple. They were kind enough to offer me one of their “Spicy Chicken Egg Rolls.” It was fantastic. My friend Cat ordered the “Irish Style Vegetable Curry.” I finished it for her and that was also great. There is a good reason why Anna Liffey’s is one of my favorite restaurants in New Haven. I have yet to have a bad meal here.

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