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Rudy’s Restaurant and Bar in New Haven, CT Restaurant Review

I previously mentioned in a blog post on how I read an article in New Haven Living about the 20 best burgers in the New Haven Connecticut area. Reading it gave me the motivation to start writing restaurant reviews. I thought it would be fun to check out these places and give my two cents. Click here to read that New Haven Living article best hamburger.

Prime 16 Tap House + Burgers was the first restaurant featured in the article that I reviewed. Today I do my second with Rudy’s Restaurant and Bar. Although Rudy’s was established in 1934 and has always been popular, they were forced to relocate a few years ago. The original Rudy’s was classified as a “dive bar”, this new Rudy’s is more upscale. The new address is 1227 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06511. They are on the corner of Chapel St and Howe St. Below is a picture of the new location.

Besides giving a review, I want to give my readers a chance to learn more. It is always good to have more than one opinion when you want to dine out.

Rudy’s Restaurant and Bar
Yelp Reviews
Trip Advisor Reviews (note they have the old address listed)

I ordered the New Haven Burger which is listed as “8oz, / Swiss cheese / Bacon / West Coast Sauce / House Pickles / Bibb Lettuce / Grilled Onion” on their menu. I also had a choice of ketchup. I got the Curry Ketchup which is listed as “Tomato Purée/ Sugar/ Herb Vinegar/ Curry”. Below is a picture of my meal.

I have to say my burger was really good. In comparing it to Prime 16, I have to give the edge to Prime 16. If I was rating the burgers, I would give Prime 16 a solid 9, I would give Rudy’s an 8.85. The French Fries here were better than the ones I had at Prime 16. Anna Liffey’s still has the best French Fries in the Downtown New Haven Connecticut area, I think Rudy’s has the second. I did notice Rudy’s was just a little pricier than the other places I have reviewed. Not a complaint as much as it is an observation.

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