Passive Expert- Earn up to 1 per day in BTC


Passive Expert – Earn up to 1% per day in btc

Earn Real Passive Income with our Flagship Adpacks.

Up to 1% per day , Fully Transparant & Sustainable.

Receive back 125% over time.

Start with only $10.    Adpacks are $5 each.


At present, we only accept payments in Bitcoin.


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Our flagship Ad Packs give the best of both worlds. High exposure to your online

business, with a cash-back rewards program on the side.

Passive Expert is a registered company that specialises in providing online advertising.

The company also carries out trading activites using numerous third-party platforms.

Passive Expert currently offers a promotion on qualifying advertising products which

results in cashback and bonuses being distributed to our private members through our

optional rewards program.


Lee Merritt is the CEO and founder of Passive Expert, from the United Kingdom.

He's spent the last few years as a successful entrepreneur in the crypto space.

Having had good and bad experiences, his goal here is to create a platform that

is fully transparent, sustainable and honest from the outset. There are no catches,

no surprises and all the information is given upfront.


The company gives a realistic optional daily rewards program. We do not overstate

what is achievable or make any unrealistic promises. Our company funds are distributed

amongst many other third-party platforms. We do extensive research whilst performing

due diligence when we research other platforms, and only deal with other companies that

have a track record of honesty, integrity and transparancy. If Passive Expert does not

make any profit, there can be no rewards or bonuses. However, it is unlikely that this

will be the case as our company portfolio is heavily diversified.


This means that the Passive Expert model will be sustainable for the long-term

which has been fundamental in its core principal from the very beginning.

It is completely free of charge to register with Passive Expert.There are no daily/weekly/monthly fees and there are no recurring subscription or membership fees.

 We offer a 2-level commission structure. If you introduce a friend to PassiveExpert, you will

receive an 8% sales commission on all purchases of qualifying products. If your friend introduces someone, you will receive a 3% commission on all qualifying products that your friend sells.

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To your success!

Andries van Tonder