Markethive’s Automated Marketing System Is Free

Markethive's Automated Marketing System Is Free!!

MarketHive is a social marketing platform called a Market Network for entrepreneurs that have the combined power of Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, and Google Blogger.

It's a great place to blog and post about all things we discuss on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media outlets but you'll be able to blast your posts or blogs out to all of your social media platforms simultaneously.

In essence, MarketHive is all about empowering entrepreneurs through social engagement and marketing.

You're probably asking yourself how can something be really amazing with state-of-the-art Technology if it's Free?

Well, we built Markethive for you the entrepreneur. We built it for those that have the guts to step out of the inline thinking of getting a job and working every week for a paycheck. Like you, Markethive is built on the premise that it is better to create jobs rather than go out and find one. Don't misunderstand me! I'm not saying that having a job is a bad thing, I'm saying if you desire more like many of us do. Then Markethive can help you with a road map and like-minded people to help you along the way.

Markethive is built to inspire, give hope and a clear path to success. When you join Markethive for Free you have a whole social network of business people, which we call the Hive. These business minded individuals are just like you and they too have a drive deep down in their belly to achieve goals that are greater than that of the average internet marketer.

But Markethive is not just a social network like Facebook or LinkedIn. We offer you a great number of tools that bring all of your social network accounts under one roof. You can not get these tools on other sites. How do we know this? Because we've scoured the Internet looking for them. What we have at Markethive has a Bad To The Bone AAA+ rated Email Autoresponder system, a Blogging Platform that connects into WordPress, Back-office Analytics Tracking, Capture Page creation, One Click Widget, Groups Section so that you can collaborate with other entrepreneurs and Blog Subscribe. And so many more E-commerce Hubs and Portals coming, including a web-based conference room that offers complete Privacy and security.