MarketHive is an inbound marketing system for businesses

MarketHive is an inbound marketing system for businesses.

Inbound marketing is a communication process with respect to marketing and advertising, generally facilitated by an open, two-way dialogue, much of which is expedited by social media.

Market Hive is more than a social media model though.

Most of us use Facebook and other social media in the usual way usual way, catching up on family, world news and holiday remembrances are just some of the thousands of ways Facebook and other social media programs are used.

But Market Hive is more than that. Not only can you make and assemble your blog you can post it out to many sites from the one place because all the social icons are there in various in market Hive and more are being added as we speak.

Now while you assemble and post these ideas and content to these established Social Media accounts achieves a certain amount of recognition, it is not the whole story.

Because recently some tools have now been added to Market Hive that can place your posts on your own domain. The WordPress plugin and the RSS Blogging Tools, Blog Sharing, RSS Cocktail and RSS Parser Code all help to get your content into the domain Search engines.

Market Hive WordPress plugin Training

So now you have 2 sources of “fuel” for your business where the search engines can double your efforts: — Social Media awareness of your business and Search Engine placement of your domain information based on keywords and content.

So the integration between the already established social media systems, the Market Hive domain itself and a series of search engines Yahoo, Bing and Google, give you, if your using Market Hive a unique value to your content, posts and videos.

Market Hive can boast in the number of tools availabe that are way above the current offerings out there. Our marketing tools include: –

A state-of-art blogging system

Lead Capture Pages integrated with our own autoresponder design

Email Broadcaster is in addition to our autoresponder system

Group Blogging mixed with private blogs, so no limit in our Blogging System management

RSS Feeds for Personal Blogs and Group Blogs

A WordPress RSS Plugin for bringing your posts already in market hive into your own domain

Social Media integration

Powerful in-built SEO for all the content posting

In essence MarketHive is a complete system that could even allow you to relate your aspiring business needs to a high end marketing department within the walls of your own business.

After all; link generation, article writing, blog posting and customer contact through your Blog network can work in any business.

Put all that together with Videos to YouTube posting, Forum participation all these assets are in Market Hive make it a truly a one-stop online internet marketing control panel.

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Brian Walters — Board of Directors and Alpha Founder.

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