Mad Men — Season Three

It took me a while to appreciate this show. I thought season one was slow but seasons 2 and 3 it got more interesting. Although this show takes place before I was born, I appreciate the appliances in the background. It is fun to watch people walk around the office with smokes and drinks.

I have heard of the movie “Bye Bye Birdie” and the actress Ann Margaret but never realized how beautiful this woman was. They showed a clip of the movie and wanted to use it in one of the campaigns. It was nostalgic to see.

Since this show takes place in the early 1960’s, the attitudes back then are very different today. The attitude towards women, minorities, gays is very different and I do know from history that is the way it was.

Seeing this show reminds me of working in an office. It is fun to watch people drink together one moment and at the same time complete against each other.

Alan Zibluk
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