Health, Age And The Power Of Belief.


I have come across a saying on the web and it fits in perfectly with what I believe. And, it goes something like this:
– Two people meet and exchange greetings. After some short conversation, one ask the other, ” how old are you?” The other person answered,  “You know that is none of my business, I am as old as I feel today”. 
I have always like that retort because, it fits in perfectly with what I believe! Yeah…! 35 has always had a good sound and feel to me. So, I keep that in mind.
Of course, there are days when I feel like I am a 120 or 300 years old. With feeling of stress and possible physical aches and pains. Usually this can be attributed to eating foods that have in them, the ingredients/other foods that are on my don’t eat list.
( Oh..! while I am typing this, I am drinking a tea made with Uva Ursi, Eyebright, Saw Palmetto, Gymnema Sylvestre and Bilberry. For blood vessel support, bladder and reducing sugar levels.)
OK, so what I do to reverse my physical feelings, and get back to my preferred state of being. First, I adjust my diet ( you know you are, what you eat ), and mentally focus on my number 35. I eat mostly greens (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, herb salads and others) for a day or two. It works for me because it’s what I believe. It’s like hitting a reset button.
Don’t get me wrong, when I first start practicing this process, it was quite challenging. Sometimes I was so weak with the “sugar issue” I would have to crawl to the bathroom. Went Christmas shopping in 2010 and could barely standup but, I did it and no one knew (that’s how I am ). 
This is not medical advice. This is only a presentation of my personal experience. If you have medical issues that need addressing, contact your medical practitioner or doctor.
I have taken responsibility for my own Being regarding these matters, and it feels just wonderful. 
When I was having problems in 2010 regarding eating fats and fried foods ( which would immediately put me to sleep, shut me down. Eventually I ended up being carried to the hospital in an ambulance ( 911 ). My heart was pounding away I could hear it throughout my body and it was painful. No matter what I did ( warm to cold shower, lying on the floor, trying to sleep ), nothing worked.
On the way and in the hospital, my heart settled down ( have you, done something nice for your heart or told it that you love it recently. I do all the time? ).
The doctor there told me that I was anemic and that I should have more test done with my personal doctor. I went home and start researching my symptoms and feelings on the web. I personally came to the conclusion that I needed a ‘liver flush’
Still feeling awfully tired ( actually very weak ), I did a ‘liver flush’. What a difference a day makes. The liver flush worked. I felt absolutely great. I did two more ‘liver flushes’ over a month and a half. The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush
As of today I can eat fats and fried foods with seemly no effect on me. But, I choose not to, and stay away from heavy fats and fried ( especially deep fried ) foods, as much as possible.
During all of this, I constantly focused on my number 35 and getting well. Today I can honestly say that I am 200% better than what I looked and felt like during that period, there are other times that I may cover in another blog post.
But, to me it all boils down to the ‘power of belief’. So, if you don’t believe that you will be well, “YOU Won’t”. There are two individuals that help to instill a clear understanding of the power of belief in me. They are Bruce Lipton’s  Bruce Lipton — The Biology of Belief and Kevin Trudeau’s  Your Wish Is Your Command 14-CD Set.  ” It Works For Me” because, “It Is What I Believe”.
The supplements I am taking, have many of the herbal extracts and super-foods that have help me restore and maintain
my health and well-being.
This is not medical advice. This is only a presentation of my personal experience. If you have medical issues that need addressing, contact your medical practitioner or doctor.
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Venable Dance

Al Zibluk