Narrated by actor and pot activist Woody Harrelson, this slick and snappy documentary chronicles the history of marijuana use and prohibition from the early 1900s through modern day. Biased toward legalization in tone, the clever if subjective film reveals the absurdity of government anti-grass tactics. Comic Tommy Chong also lends his voice to this informative and amusing illustration of how one substance among many has created such a clamor.

I wasn’t too familiar with the history of marijuana so this was an interesting movie for me. These days I get really upset on the subject of wasteful spending. What is the big deal? I admit I was scared to ever try it growing up as I was afraid I would go paranoid and hurt people. As Pinto said to Professor Jennings in Animal House “I won’t go schizo, will I?” Jennings response “It’s a distinct possibility.”

I am going to give this one 3 stars. The one thing I would like to say as a responsible movie critic is too much of any one thing is never good. I am talking about things like too much chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, junk food, etc. I am a firm believer in moderation.

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