Fujitsu Joins Blockchain Race With Hyperledger Platform

Fujitsu Joins Blockchain Race With Hyperledger Platform


Japanese technology giant Fujitsu has announced it is developing Blockchain

software for data handling, access and distribution. The as-yet unnamed product, which the company hopes to commercialize later this year, will offer three core features putting data handling on the Blockchain for business. Registering data information based on the storage location, managing access and automating data request processes are all part of the plan for the product.

“Recently with the spread of technologies such as IoT, a variety of information relating to people and things has been recorded and stored as data. Efforts to create new value through big data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) have also become significant worldwide,” an accompanying press release explains.

“In order to generate such value, large volumes of diverse data will be necessary and it will be important for organizations and individuals to share them.” Like IBM’s competitor Blockchain platform, Fujitsu is leveraging Hyperledger technology to build its solution, while a prototype demonstration will go live at the upcoming Interop Tokyo 2017 conference, taking place from June 7-9. The company is just one of an increasing number of international enterprises looking to Hyperledger to help them get ahead of the curve in implementing Blockchain technology.

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