Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

Paul Mazursky’s 1969 classic puts two couples and their relationships under the unforgiving lens of society’s microscope in this unflinching examination of marriage. After one liberal group therapy session, Bob (Robert Culp) and his wife, Carol (Natalie Wood), are convinced they’re open-minded enough to embrace a no-guilt approach to fidelity. But can they convince their best friends, Ted (Elliott Gould) and Alice (Dyan Cannon), to do the same?

I respect the fact that this is an intelligent movie that was controversial at the time to make. It deserves to be a classic and I did laugh twice. I further respect the adult subject matter here. Having said these things let me come out and say I really didn’t care for this film. The characters were just a little too full of themselves which rubbed me the wrong way. The term “hipster doofus” comes to mind.

I did like the very end of this movie when the four of them walked out of their Las Vegas hotel and they played “What the World Needs Now is Love” sung by Jackie DeShannon. I never realized what a beautiful women the late Natalie Wood was. I found a really nice tribute video with this song to Natalie Wood. Here is the link to that video —

I am only giving this one 2.7 stars. I just didn’t like the characters. They were too believable and I know they would never be friends with a person like me. I am not hip and I own up to it.

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