Bitcoin Bull Market is Expected to Start

Bitcoin Bull Market is Expected to Start

 The Opportunities of BTC

Bitcoin has a life of its own, which is evident in its ever-fluctuating price. Since reaching almost 20K USD at the end of 2017, the price of BTC had its incredible ups and downs. Currently, the price of said cryptocurrency is around 8k, but if we consider that in the beginning of 2019 it was just $3,740, it’s clear that there are incredible possibilities to earn huge amounts of money on the Bitcoin bull market. Imagine buying Bitcoin in January of the current year and selling it now, the profit would be around 135% on your investment. The world of cryptocurrencies presents such vast opportunities frequently and the profits are up for grabs for the ones that are not afraid to risk it.


Bitcoin in 2020

The next year should be revolutionary for the price of Bitcoin. The creation of the new BTC will become even more difficult and rare because of the scheduled Halving in the middle of 2020, around June. This alone should be the reason behind the forecasted increase in Bitcoin’s price. Other than that, the political landscape of the world will also be a factor in the developments of BTC price. There is a trade war going on between U.S and China, the Iranian Nuclear Power situation and the 2020 US presidential elections, all those factors could result in a strong bull market of the Bitcoin.

Similarities Between BTC Bull Market and Gambling

Another viable place to invest in Bitcoins is BTC Casinos. Many would compare the similarities of the Stock Market and Casino. They are both basically a fun gamble because you are at risk, almost all the time. Both are easy, fast and capable of making someone rich. In both, you need a certain level of expertise and most importantly, a lot of luck. In the world of Crypto Gambling, one has to feel and know when to invest and when to cash out, just like in the BTC bull market.

Good Bitcoin Casinos

BTC Casinos have lots of differentiated benefits, and unlike the classical FIAT Casinos, the availability of Bitcoin enables a fast Segway into the world of bull market. Imagine buying the cryptocurrency for cheap, winning with it and suddenly its price skyrockets. That would be a chance to cash out from the casino and sell your assets on the stock market. In the current years, there are many great options when it comes to choosing a perfect online Casinos. There are casino listing websites like BitcoinGamblers, specifically tailored to provide detailed information and reviews about various crypto casinos around the world.

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Carolyn Coley

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.

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