4 Symptoms of a heart attack that are easy to dismiss

Did you know that you can have a heart attack without knowing it? It's called a Silent Heart Attack, and it's more common than you may realise. 

It's like any other heart attack where blood flow to a section of the heart is temporarily blocked and it causes scarring and damage to the heart muscle.

It doesn't come with the obvious symptoms most of us recognise — chest pain, shortness of breath, clammy palms and cold sweats.

Silent heart attacks can have little to no symptoms — but mostly unrecognised symptoms — those which you wouldn't think relate to a heart attack. 

But just because they're silent, doesn't mean they're harmless. A silent heart attack can be just as dangerous as its more obvious counterpart. Because of the scarring and damage it causes, it puts you at greater risk for other heart problems.

Read on below to discover the most common, and often missed, symptoms of a Silent Heart Attack…

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Symptoms to look out for that could spell 'heart attack'

Sometimes, the symptoms can be really subtle — and could be mistaken for a less serious condition:

Heart palpitations
Shortness of breath
Stomach discomfort

Muscle ache
Shortness of breath
Muscle strain
Pain or pressure in the upper back or chest
You'll agree these Silent Heart Attack symptoms could easily be missed. The risk factors for a silent heart attack are the same though, so know what your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are, stop smoking and lose weight if you are overweight. 

To your good health,

Antoinette Pombo


Alan Zibluk Markethive Founding Member